torsdag den 19. februar 2015

WAKAMONO nyt børnetøjsmærke i butikken.

Nyt på hylderne - WAKAMONO er et nyt fint børnetøjsmærke i skønne 80'er farver - det hele er Gots Certificeret, økologisk bomuld.

 WAKAMONO designs for babies and parents.
our passion is to create modern and functional baby wear + accessories with sustainable qualities to a ordable prices. We strive to combine a universe of quirky simplicity, focus on functionality, making and comfort. Babies are active little creatures so withstands wear + tear and fully meet the demands of being washed over and over again. After all design follows function follows sustainability.

 WAKAMONO  a sustainable mind.

We are an environmentally and socially conscious brand. So high quality materials like 100 % organic cotton and bamboo is chosen for our collection that result in healthier and safer products for your baby as well as yourself and the environment.

 WAKAMONO  Basak and Berit with life spread over two cities, Istanbul and Copenhagen.

It is the re ection of two minds’ personal aesthetics that beauty can also refer to quirks arising from the process of construction. Inspiration is drawn from the Japanese philosophy on simplicity, modesty, intimacy and appreciation of the ingenu- ous integrity of natural objects and processes. Devolving dynamics of freshness and serenity is thus forever / sustainable and youthful as in Japanese,  WAKAMONO literally means “young one”.

 WAKAMONO  unisex clothes that can be mix + matched between basics, stripes and bold colors. With playful combinations and sustainable, high quality materials, it is fun ( and safe ) being babies and parents in the  land.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do ...
Basak & Berit

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